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The Law Office of Robert Santangelo is a locally owned New Jersey law firm with offices located in Toms River, New Jersey.The cornerstone of the firm was laid in 1983. Today, it is a highly regarded firm with an impressive level of expertise and an uncommonly diverse range of legal services:

Divorce and Family Law

Legal issues related to your family are some of the most stressful situations that a person can face. When faced with these issues, such as divorce or custody hearings, it’s important that you work with an attorney that understands the delicate nature of family law and is ready to provide you with compassionate guidance. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Toms River to handle your family law needs, there’s no better choice than Robert Santangelo, Esq.


Custody cases are some of the most difficult, contentious legal situations that a person can face. While you want to make sure that you secure your rights to your child, you also want to be certain that your child isn’t harmed during the custody process, which is why it’s important to get help from a compassionate, knowledgeable custody lawyer. If you’re looking for a Toms River custody lawyer for help with your case, look no further than Robert Santangelo, Esq.


During the course of your life, it’s possible that you will need to file a lawsuit against another person or establishment. Lawsuits are extremely complicated, particularly if you don’t have legal experience, which is why you need to make sure that your lawsuit is handled by an experienced litigation attorney like Robert Santangelo, Esq.

Domestic Violence

We have representing clients in domestic violence case since the inception of the Prevention of Domestic Violence Act in New Jersey. These cases are unique and distinct, separate from the Family Court setting in that they involve potential penalties which can involve incarceration.

Municipal Court

Robert Santangelo has appeared in municipal courts all throughout the State of New Jersey since 1983 on all aspects of municipal court law and cases including, but not limited to, driving while under the influence (DWI), driving on the revoked list, speeding offenses, careless driving, reckless driving and all other motor vehicle offenses.

Real Estate

We have been involved, on behalf of purchasers and sellers, in tens of thousands of residential and commercial real estate transactions since 1983. We represent purchasers and sellers in all aspects of real estate transactions including, but not limited to, negotiation and execution of contracts, attorney review, home inspection, mortgages and bank financing, title searches and insurance, as well as closing of title on mortgage financing and the purchase itself.

Corporate Law

We have provided clients with a wide range of services such as preparation of initial formation agreements, negotiation and preparation of shareholders agreements, partnership agreements, buy-sell agreements, key man life insurance agreements and the like.

Estate Planning

We have been representing clients since 1983 with respect to individual estate planning, involving all aspects of areas such as simple and/or complex Wills, Trust Agreements, Living Wills and Power of Attorney agreements.

Land Use and Zoning

Since 1983, Robert Santangelo has handled hundreds of land use and zoning applications before planning boards and zoning boards on both the local municipal level as well as the county level throughout the State of New Jersey, as well as representing clients on land use and zoning projects before the State of New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection.

Personal Injury

We have been involved successfully on behalf of our clients over the years in extensive personal injury litigation cases, including but not limited to, catastrophic injuries, wrongful death, automobile accidents, slip and falls, workplace related injuries, and medical malpractice injuries.

Our client base is equally diverse: individuals with personal or business-related legal problems…small and mid-sized businesses with a variety of legal needs…and national and international corporations involved in complex commercial litigations.

Because of our size and business philosophy, the Law Office of Robert Santangelo provides responsive, hands-on professional attention to each of our clients. In turn, clients receive cost effective legal services of the highest caliber.

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