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Custody cases are some of the most difficult, contentious legal situations that a person can face. While you want to make sure that you secure your rights to your child, you also want to be certain that your child isn’t harmed during the custody process, which is why it’s important to get help from a compassionate, knowledgeable custody lawyer. If you’re looking for a Toms River custody lawyer for help with your case, look no further than Robert Santangelo, Esq.

Robert Santangelo has the experience necessary to handle your custody case, protecting your rights and the health and safety of your child. Learn more hiring a Toms River custody lawyer and find out how your case will be easier when you decide to work with Robert Santangelo.

Custody Negotiations

Before a custody case goes to trial, there are usually negotiations between both parties involved. While you hope that these negotiations go smoothly, and that a custody arrangement that is amenable to everyone will be reached, these negotiations commonly turn contentious, leading to hurt feelings and a stressful custody trial.

If you’re planning on attending a custody negotiation in an effort to avoid a trial, it’s a good idea to secure experienced legal representation like the kind you’ll receive from Robert Santangelo. Robert Santangelo and his team at the Law Offices of Robert Santangelo can help prepare you for your custody negotiation and can provide guidance during the actual negotiation so that an agreement is reached.

Custody Trials

Unfortunately, many custody cases do eventually result in a court trial. If you’ve never experienced a court trial before, it can be an extremely stressful and emotionally damaging situation, especially when custody of a trial is involved. If you believe that your custody case will require a trial, it is imperative that bring your case to a Toms River custody lawyer like Robert Santangelo.

Robert Santangelo understands the most effective way to handle a custody trial and can help you through the process so that you can focus on the well-being of your child. The best way to handle any serious legal issue, including custody hearings, is working with a lawyer like Robert Santangelo.

Find a Toms River Custody Lawyer

When you’re facing a custody negotiation or trial, the most important thing that you can do is to hire a Toms River custody lawyer like Robert Santangelo, Esq. The team at the Law Offices of Robert Santangelo can provide guidance and legal advice for your custody hearing so that the process is less stressful and more effective.

Get in touch with Robert Santangelo today to start planning for your custody hearing.


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